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How to Start an Easy Fall Potted Herb Garden

Masha R

herb garden

Have you wanted to start an herb garden but always felt like it was too hard to keep them alive? I have a few easy tricks for you to planting and keeping your herbs alive and growing! I used to have my herbs out in the front garden mixed with the rest of my veggies, but it was such a pain having to go out every day just to clip a sprig of rosemary. So I made this potted herb garden in the back garden near the house and absolutely love it. 

Let's get started. First, find the herbs you'd like to plant and how much of them you want to plant. I actually don't use basil or mint that often which is why I planted them in the smallest pots alone. I also mixed large and small pots to add some dimension to the potted garden.

basil and mint

Next, get a large bag of potted soil, some gardening gloves and your pots! I highly recommend getting potted soil as that will increase the likelihood your plants will stay alive. Most people's soil is just not that great and doesn't have enough nutrients to jump start your herbs growth.

herb garden supplies.jpg

Now here's the big secret! Take your plants out of their plastic containers and place the roots into a water bath. You don't need a ton of water but enough that the base of the roots is covering it. This will loosen up the roots and they will soak up all of that water. Some people water the soil before planting the herbs, and that can work if you have really great soil. But you really want to loosen up the roots so that they are wet and start to acclimate to the new soil.

soaking herb roots
soaking herb roots

You don't need to soak the roots for too long - if you forget them in your water bath, that's okay. They won't die. I soaked these roots for about 15 minutes. The other thing with soaking roots is that it makes it SO easy to plant. I just plop them into the pot and push soil around it. I personally like to water my garden in the evenings just because it is way too hot during the day. If you water your garden during the day and notice your leaves are turning yellow - that's because the sun is burning the water off the leaves you watered.

herb garden

I'd love to know if you've planted an outdoor herb garden recently! Leave a comment below and share your tips and tricks or any questions you may have. Happy gardening!

herb garden