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Easy 3 Ingredient Raspberry Jam

Masha R

healthy raspberry jam.jpg

The neighbors on both sides of our house have lived here for over 50 years. They tell us they remember when our little house was being built! My neighbor came over the other day with a huge carton full of farm raspberries - what a sweetheart! I was so thrilled because it's the first time this summer I've gotten to make this super easy raspberry jam recipe.

I LOVE this recipe because it is SO easy! Three ingredients, one pan - done! You can make it through out your day, or even forget about it and come back and finish everything in 10 minutes. The batch size is small so you aren't loaded with tons of jam you don't know what to do with, but it makes enough to share with your closest friends.

You'll notice that this jam is a lot thinner than store bought jams - that is because there is no artificial pectin or gelatin to hold it together - rather we just count on the natural pectin in the raspberries to do the job for us. I personally love thinner jams because I love putting it in my yogurt in the morning and swirling it around in there.

Also, store bought brands have a shelf life of about a million years. This jam is best eaten in 3-4 months. You can freeze it for a longer shelf life too!

- 6 cups raspberries
- 1 cup sugar
- 2 small lemons, juiced
10 inch saute pan

1. Put the raspberries, sugar and lemon juice in the saute pan and stir all ingredients together making sure the sugar is evenly covering the raspberries. Cover the pan and let the raspberries break down at room temperature for a least 2 hours. I like to leave it overnight because you'll see a big difference in how the raspberries breakdown.

This is about the earliest you'll want to cook the fruit - you can let it keep breaking down. When you simmer the raspberries, they will simmer down to about half this pan.

This is about the earliest you'll want to cook the fruit - you can let it keep breaking down. When you simmer the raspberries, they will simmer down to about half this pan.

Uncover the pan, and set on medium heat stirring occasionally. When the raspberries are starting to boil slowly reduce to a low heat and simmer for 7 minutes. At this point is usually when I say, "Alexa, set timer for 7 minutes." You really want the raspberries to cook down to about half of what you started with. 

Once it's done cooking, I leave it on the stove cooling while I gather my jars. I usually start with brand new jars or pre-washed jars. Since we aren't "preserving" technically we don't need to worry about baths for the jars and all of the disinfecting that takes a ton of time, but do make sure your jars are clean. This is low key jam.

Transfer the jam into your jars, leaving a little bit of room at the top so when the jam expands it won't overflow when you open it. Cool it completely on your counter before popping it into the fridge or freezer. 

3 ingredient raspberry jam.jpg

It is so rewarding that this jam is so easy but so good! Also, how cute is our blue ceramic jar holding the raspberry jam? What is your favorite jam recipe? Let us know if you try this recipe by tagging #AMH on Instagram!