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DIY Chalk Paint Terra Cotta Pot

Masha R

chalk paint.jpg

What do you guys think about the recent chalk paint craze? When I was at Home Depot, the staff person helping me asked me, "What IS it about chalk paint?" as he walked me over to the last THREE cans left. I was pretty sold on it after watching this video with Joanna Gaines explaining how to use it

chalk paint 1.jpg

Chalk paint has a thicker consistency than average paint, but because of that you don't need to slave away putting on coat after coat. I used one coat for my terra cotta pot! It is incredibly satisfying and forgiving. You are going to love using it.

- Terra cotta pot, any size
- paint brush
- chalk paint - I used Rust Oleum Linen white a small container; I had plenty left over

Find a surface where you can spread out some cardboard or a sheet to paint on top. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely not the neatest painter. Shake your paint can before beginning so you have a nice consistency. You can also stir it, but I prefer shaking the can.  Dip your paint brush in and start making smooth strokes side to side.

painting with chalk paint.jpg

The picture above is after one coat! I love how you can still see the strokes, but it gives it a vintage vibe. Keep working your way around the pot. One very important thing though is to *not* paint the inside of the pot as the chemicals may poison the plant. It's totally up to you if you want to do more than one coat; for me one was enough.

chalk paint fiddle leaf fig.jpg

I decided to plant my fiddle leaf fig in the pot (don't mind the renovation in the background!) and I love how it looks.

chalk paint fiddle leaf.jpg

Have you used chalk paint before? Let me know if you try this project out in the comments below!